Careers at Grigorian & Associates, Inc.

Our Hiring Philosophy

At Grigorian & Associates, Inc., we understand that good hiring decisions are critical to our firm’s success. We take the recruiting process seriously and hire only individuals with in-depth tax experience and college graduates from prestigious universities who are excellent students in the field of accounting and who are motivated to learn and grow as accounting professionals. In all cases, we insist on selecting client-centered individuals who take pride in a job well done and respect our firm’s work ethic and its culture of professionalism, mutual respect, and collegiality.

Grigorian & Associates, Inc. recognizes that happy employees are productive employees. Treating our team well is one of our firm's utmost priorities. We firmly believe that this is the right thing to do because it creates a rewarding working environment and makes good business sense Accordingly, we strive to create a working environment that is both intellectually stimulating and personally satisfying. Why Choose Grigorian & Associates, Inc.?

The rewards of working at Grigorian & Associates, Inc. are numerous. Our employees’ professional development is enhanced by a broad variety of interesting and challenging assignments, direct client contact, and personalized attention from Grigorian & Associates, Inc. Directors and Senior Managers. In addition, as we believe in the professional development of our employees, we reimburse tuition for employees who choose to pursue a Master’s Degree in Taxation. We also offer a competitive compensation program and a wide array of other employee benefits. Benefits

Providing a collegial work environment and a competitive benefits package for our team members are among the highest priorities of our firm. We offer competitive base salaries, and our insurance options are comprehensive and include a variety of medical and life insurance plans. Grigorian & Associates, Inc. offers a 401(k) plan with annual discretionary profit sharing contributions. We work hard, but we know the importance of time off and encourage our team members to spend time away from the office. Some of our other benefits include:

Diversity & Inclusion

At Grigorian & Associates, Inc., we value diversity. We are committed to providing a work environment that is inclusive and embraces and respects the individual regardless of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, creed, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Our team is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds, and with this diversity, we gain greater perspectives and insights which ultimately allows us to serve our clients better.