Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitionsIf your business is considering a merger or acquisition, Grigorian & Associates, Inc. can provide timely advice and key insights to mitigate risk and guide you toward an informed decision. We’ll take the time to fully understand the deal your business is considering and how all the pieces fit together including tax issues, due diligence, operating concerns, and risk management.

We’ll work with you to analyze the historical performance of a business including earnings, working capital, cash flow as well as the financial projections for future growth so you can feel confident in your decision to close the deal. Our goal is not only to help you complete the transaction but to remain a trusted financial partner into the future.

Reducing Taxes for Business Aquisitions

Find out how our Los Angeles, CA CPA firm can help you achieve your goals with minimal tax implications. Request a consultation or call our team at 310-820-1055 to learn more about our services.