Tax Consulting Services

Los Angeles tax planning services

At Grigorian & Associates, Inc., we build strong relationships with our clients by working throughout the year to help them prepare for tax season. For new businesses,  we create short and long-term tax plans that encourage sustainable profitability and growth. For mature businesses, we evaluate the current business structure and implement any changes needed to retain more profits. And, for our individual clients, we design and implement a personalized plan that legally and effectively minimizes tax obligations to preserve wealth.

Every one of our team members has a reputation for providing well-reasoned tax advice to our clients. When changes in tax regulations translate to savings for our clients, we’re on it. We watch for any revisions to federal or state tax legislation that might benefit our clients and offer the guidance to make sure they take advantage of the savings they deserve.

While we concentrate our efforts on working principally with corporate, partnership, and high-net-worth individuals, we have also developed close relationships with other professionals at various law firms as well as other accounting firms across the country. When necessary, we will draw from this vast pool of resources to assist our clients in getting the best possible tax advice on any matter that is beyond the scope of our firm’s expertise.

Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals

Our experienced Los Angeles, CA CPA firm can save you real money on your taxes through comprehensive tax planning. To learn more, call 310-820-1055 now or request your free initial consultation online.