Income and Franchise Tax Services

income and franchise tax services

Grigorian & Associates, Inc.  specializes in state income and franchise tax services for corporations in California and other western states. We work with businesses a variety of industries including real estate,  manufacturing, distribution, and many others.

States require businesses to allocate and apportion income based on numerous factors including property, payroll, and sales. However, because each state’s laws are different, many businesses find that their income is double-taxed to some extent because of the differences in methodology among the various states to impose an income tax. We assist clients in mitigating this exposure by suggesting alternative methods of structuring businesses to create a more favorable state tax result.

CPAs and Accountants With Integrity

Our CPAs and accountants are very serious about our responsibility to both our clients and the states in which they do business. We're careful that our tax planning advice results in a fair and equitable allocation of income without imposing any undue burden on our clients. We also ensure that our clients are not avoiding state taxes. This approach fulfills the long-term interests of our clients and the states in which they operate.